Thursday, April 1, 2010

grow: finding a place in STL

So i have been a little MIA the past few days.... we have been apartment hunting in Soulard! There are so many things that I love about Soulard... starting with the brick sidewalks, ivy covered fences and walls, and vibrantly painted windows on every building....
Along with the aesthetics, i LOVE the idea of walking to the Soulard Farmers Market to get my weekly groceries....I love the feeling of handing my money to the person that planted, cared for, and harvested my produce.
I remember on our first visit, I handed a wad of crumpled bills to a baker in exchange for a loaf of bread, and he looked at his wife and said, "Thanks for helping us out. We really appreciate your business." I have never heard that from the teenage checker out Jewel!

For those of you who haven't visited, below is a photo of inside the Farmer's Market. If you come on a Saturday, it is PACKED. Be prepared to battle the crowds! The vendors sell everything from produce, to meat, to flowers, to handmade goods....its such a fun place!

When looking for a place to call home, we knew that location is important to us. We looked at SOOO many places... but all of them had to be within walking distance of the Market, as well as this local coffee shop, The Soulard Coffee Garden...

We looked at one apartment above this place, below, called the Shanti. It is a fun pub with a large outdoor bar area...the apartment was way too small for our needs, but a super fun location!

The place that we are almost 100% certain we will pursue is just a few blocks away, close to McGurk's...a beautiful Irish pub and garden... we hear it is one of the best in the country!

This apartment is beautiful....high ceilings, huge windows, a fenced yard....i can just SEE us here.....opening our home to friends and family, getting a puppy, starting a makes sense to me here.....
Not to mention the fact that it is the PERFECT canvas for my thrifty-crafty-rustic approach to home decor... or as my sister likes to call my style, "country time".....
Hopefully we will be signing a lease soon and I can post pictures of our new home!
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  1. Oh, I am soooo excited for you guys! Way to go... (oops, accidently hit a 'h' instead of a g for go - not good) anyway, I don't know of what I could make you that you couldn't make yourself, but when we come visit, I want to make something for a housewarming present. Beautiful photos. Lv, Marti

  2. who knew there were such cute little towns all over america? i mean, i guess i knew...but it's fun to see them! looks like a great place to live. can't wait to see what you do with your apt. love you guys, bethany j