Saturday, April 17, 2010

create: patchwork shower curtain

this is my DIY shower curtain (or it could be any kind of curtain/tablecloth/etc....)... its made from pretty cloth napkins that I found at World Market and Pier 1....the photo shows the shower curtain suspended from our balcony, as it is sitting in waiting for our new place in STL....our current place only has plexiglass standing yippee for a real tub in STL!

i simply laid out the fabric squares on my floor, then started sewing them together in rows....then i sewed the rows to eachother.... really, the whole project was just eyeballed...but i suppose you could pin and measure, if thats your thing :-)

to finish the curtain, i had my hubby drill a few holes into some round, wooden disks that i had painted....this created a button that i could then sew into the corners where the different fabrics met....
as far as hanging it goes, i simply used curtain rod clips....another option would be to make little tabs out of another napkin....but i like the simplicity of the clipped-on look :-)
well there you go, a DIY patchwork shower curtain begging for a shower to hang on :-)

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