Saturday, April 10, 2010

create: flower pin dress update

So i picked up this pretty, casual summer dress at Target last night for $ was cute, but a little plain-jane for my taste... So I grabbed my sewing kit, and with fabric scraps and random buttons, I created a coordinating flower to spice things up a little bit!
Some steps in making your own fabric flower: cut a few uneven rounds of scrap fabric....stack them....pinch the middle...use needle and thread to sew a few stitches through this pinch to make the fabric gather in the middle....then sew a few buttons on top....add a large safety pin the back, and voila! your own DIY flower pin! above is a pic of the full dress...jersey top (SUPER comfortable) with cotton skirt...the mismatched patterns on bottom allowed for my pretty fabric flower to go quite well!

the best part about this fabric flower is that I simply pinned it to the dress...which means I can wear it with other outfits, and still throw the dress in the washer without worry that my flower will come out in pieces!

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