Tuesday, April 13, 2010

create: summer sandal revamp

so as the weather starts warming up, i have been pulling out my summer clothes from last year.... and i realized that i have only a few pairs of sandals that have survived....one such pair you see below...i think they were an Old Navy clearance find....cute, plain... but a little tattered from last year's wear.... so i decided to revamp them by covering up that worn-out faux leather with some pretty stones....
here's my work space...the old sandals, various wood and stone beads (clearance finds from Michael's) and my trusty Gorilla glue....(note: 1/2 way through I brought out the hot glue too...i found that while the Gorilla glue will have more long-term staying power, it didnt dry quickly enough for the stones to stay in place...using both seemed to solve this problem...)
i started with one sandal, rolling up a dish towel and using to create a flat, firm base under the sandal straps.... i started with five larger, yellowish beads. i glued these in place to create a pattern to fill in with smaller wooden/stone beads...
the process goes pretty quickly, and before i knew it, i had one sandal done! I kept it nearby as a reference as i did the second sandal, being sure to place the larger yellowish beads in the same position!
and heres another view of my revamped sandals... i havent had a chance to wear them yet, but i will let you know how they hold up!


  1. Cute. Is that the community quilt you are using as a work surface?

  2. yay! my mom commented! and yes, mom, that is most certainly the community quilt... complete with my name scribbled through three squares in pen....and a little bit of left-over candle wax :-)