Saturday, April 17, 2010

create: DIY chalkboards

do you remember this post about the frames that i snatched up for my friend leigh's wedding reception photo booth? well...along with large frames, i have also been on the hunt for small chalkboards that wedding guests can write messages on like you see below.....
i had found some little chalkboards at Hobby Lobby for around $4/piece...not bad, but they werent exactly what i when i came across this Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint, i decided i would simply make my own chalkboards!
I collected four random frames...two black and two silver (though they look a little gold here)...took out the glass, and spray painted it with my chalkboard paint... they dried within an hour out in the sun, and voila! my own DIY chalkboards! Much more stylish than what Hobby Lobby had to offer!
heres a close up of two of the little frames...i chose all different sizes to give it more of an eclectic feel.... and the best part is that this entire project cost me right around $5!
and since these little chalkboards will be used in wedding photos... i thought i would demonstrate! (forgive the messy, unwashed Saturday hair....a day of crafting demands a low-maintenance do!)

while i took the first photo, my hubby was on the other side of the living room playing video i asked him to pause his game (yes, i interrupted his gaming concentration) and come take a pic with in lazy saturday :-)

unrelated to the chalkboard you can see in the photos above, our walls are getting more and more bare....and if you know me well at all, you know that bare walls are something i am not prone to being plagued with....its a sign that our big move to STL is getting nearer and nearer!


  1. so cute! My niece is getting married may 22 and I think that I wold like to make these. Did you just put them around so folks could write messages on them?

  2. Thanks for the fun idea! I'm linking sometime in the near future at

  3. This is an adorable idea! I love it.

  4. Hi Whitney...I'm looking to make my own chalkboard frames, just like the ones in your blog post. I had a question: what did you actually spray paint with the chalkboard paint? Did you paint a little piece of wood...and then stick that in the frame? Or cardboard? canvas? I was thinking you'd need a smooth surface for the chalkboard paint. Would love your help. Thanks!

  5. Hello, I love your picture frame chalkboards! They are so cool... and I like how you are using them in photos. I hope it's okay, I've featured them in a chalkboard paint round-up along with some other clever chalkboard paint projects. You can see it here:

    Thank you so much for sharing!