Monday, March 29, 2010

love: wedding reception photo booths

so my life-long bestie Leigh is tying the knot this summer....and I HAD to share this idea that she facebooked me about yesterday.

I have seen wedding reception photo booths before, but declined to have one at my own wedding due to the cost to construct a literal booth....

but as you see below, a more recent trend in photo booths requires only a few vintage frames, a backdrop, and your guests' willingness to be playful!
so naturally, my response to this adorable idea.... go haggle some vendors at my local flea market to find my bestie the frames she needs!

My haggling skills (meek, though they are) paid off, and I snagged this beauty below, along with another just like it, for just $3!

Hooray for flea markets!

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