Wednesday, April 14, 2010

love: DIY curtains

we are moving into an apartment that has 11 ENORMOUS windows...perfect for letting in sunlight, not so perfect for a teeny-tiny window treatment i began researching some creative DIY window treatment ideas, and i found some pretty fun things....

this first one simply takes mismatched cotton sheets, add tabs, and hang them on a curtain rod, alternating colors/patterns.....
this next one would be PERFECT for the kitchen....a little cafe-type window treatment using two vintage tea towels (which i blogged about here) and an ikea curtain wire ($4.99!!!)
another take on tea towels.... sewn together to create a full curtain... this is SUPER similar to the shower curtain that i created (will post ASAP) using fun fabric napkins from World Market and Pier 1....
this next one is stunning (mostly due to the dreamy tub and Nantucket-style bathroom)... its simply an old lace panel (i find SO many of these at thrift stores) clipped to a piece of twine... so simple, yet so elegant.... if only my bathroom were that gorgeous....
staying with the twine theme (which I have TONS of from various projects) it is used in place of a traditional hook or tab... a little rustic...simple... i love it!
another DIY way to attach light and airy curtains to the rod.... buttons! i love buttons! the fabric here is actually cheese cloth...the kind you strain gooey things through in the gives a very beachy feel....though STL isnt a very beachy place, i suppose.....unless you consider the edge of the Mississippi a beach..... :-)
ok, this i LOVE LOVE may be seeing this in our STL apartment, if you ever come and visit! I was stressing about paying for 11 curtain rods.... even at $10/piece that would put me well over $100....which that number alone is WELL over my window treatment budget....but this is just a simple stick fallen from a tree, painted to match the window frame...SO easy, and practically free! And i was reading online that you can find hooks for less than $1 at any hardware store....
here's another take on the tree branch curtain rod idea....the branch is left natural and suspended on another branch piece....this one seems fit for a rustic lodge...maybe not my living room....but still, VERY neat and VERY cheap!


  1. I LOVE these ideas! I was looking for tree branch curtain rod inspiration and ran across your blog.

  2. I love using branches. What a neat idea! Love it!

  3. i love the table in the bedroom . Did you create the lap shade ?

  4. Thank you, thank you for these ideas! I've been putting off making curtains for one room because I didn't have curtain rods (and have you priced those lately? Good grief!). But we live on a heavily wooded hill; problem solved!

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