Sunday, November 21, 2010

create: my hodgepodge fall wreath!

so about a month or so ago, I gathered some fabric scraps and made this simple fabric scrap wreath:
it felt i removed it from the wall last week and replaced it with this festive angel made from branches and berries (no, i cant take credit for it...thanks goodwill!)

but this weekend, i was inspired to finish my fall wreath in time for thanksgiving...i hunted through my craft closet and came up with this crazy, hodgepodge wreath that i just LOVE LOVE LOVE....

basically, i took my original fabric scrap wreath and hot-glued yarn poms and lotus pods around the interior....the yarn poms were SUPER easy to make (see a tutorial here...i left mine shaggy!) and the lotus pods i found at a local antique mall for $2....

so the berry-and-twig-angel has been demoted, and my super fun fall wreath has once again earned its place back on the wall....i know this may not be everyone's style, but i just LOVE the fabric scraps, shaggy yarn poms, and lotus pods together.... me this just screams HAPPY FALL!