Wednesday, April 28, 2010

create: porch light revamp

Our moving countdown has begun! Only a few more weeks until we move!!! That being said, I have shifted my decorating and crafting attention from my current home to my new one in STL!!! As I have shared before, we have chosen the lovely Soulard neighborhood to call home. One reason is the beauty of the old brick buildings...and the bright colors that grace all of the doors and windows.... here is a sampling, thanks to

our new apartment has these same shades of windows and doors....thus prompting me to get creative with our other outdoor decor....walking around soulard, i am so inspired by patio furniture like this and color schemes like i decided that the current porch light at our new apartment (something very similar to this) needed an update....
and when my parents gave me this brand new light fixture (never out of the box that had been in their basement for several years!) i decided to take some spray paint to it!
i chose a fire engine red... i thought it would compliment both the brick exterior and the teal-ish trim of our windows beautifully....
here is the body of the lamp drying...i threw some masking tape around the light socket and wires, so to keep the paint out of the nooks and crannies....i let it dry overnight, then put it together to give you a glimpse of what it will look like installed at our new apartment.... the color is super vibrant, and i love it!
heres a pic of a teal door that i found on flickr for reference....i love the fire engine red with the teal.....yum! Very Soulard! Just wait until you see the house numbers i made....will post tomorrow!

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