Thursday, June 17, 2010

love: forever 21

at what age are you too old to shop at forever 21?

...i wondered this as i bought this lovely dress yesterday [see first picture below] i was at the check out, i looked around and realized that I had a good 5-10 years on most of the girls in there....then i second guessed my choice to indulge in forever 21's glorious stock of pretty summer dresses....

...thankfully, the 40-something woman at the checkout reassured me that the dress I chose was modest enough....especially if I wore it with leggings :-) haa haa. good thing i bought those too!

so even though i may be approaching the "too old" mark for shopping at forever 21, i wanted to give you a sampling of some of their new summer dresses that i love so much...

(and please note, all these dresses may be worn with leggings!)

these are all around the $20 mark:

these last two are less than $15/piece!

happy shopping, all you post-middle-school-forever-21-aholics!

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