Tuesday, June 15, 2010

create: chalkboard herb pots

so i just wanted to post this fun project that i whipped up last weekend....i picked these herbs up at the Soulard Farmer's Market.....and though i dont have a green thumb (its more a shade of brown...withering...you get the picture...)...i love the idea of cooking with fresh spices...
i found these clay pots up at my *newly* local Salvation Army....35 cents a piece! I was short on foam brushes, so i actually used an old scrap of towel to apply the paint...it gave it a cool texturing effect...anyway, i applied the colors of my liking (acrylic)...let them dry...
then i used masking tape to tape off a little rectangle on each pot...sprayed them with some chalkboard paint...let dry, then scratched on the labels with a piece of chalk....i love how the chalkboard labels allow me to switch out types of herbs...you know, if one dies ;-)
a lovely addition to my kitchen, if i do say so myself :-)
now i just need to remember to water them!

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