Monday, June 28, 2010

love: alphabet magnets

this weekend i was browsing the dollar aisle at Target (one of my favorite places!) and i came across a set of these little plastic alphabet of late, i have been obsessing over alphabet decor....and though there are no little school aged children running around my house (yet!), i decided to come up with some brilliant way to use these ABC magnets to decorate my fridge....
looking for inspiration, i started googling...this is a taste of what i found....first, DIY burlap letter magnets from this blog....
...then i found several blogs walking you through the process of sewing your own alphabet magnets....a little to involved for my taste, but adorable none the less!
...or what about this adorable wall decor using all types of letters....and look at the "O"... a giant button! TOO cute!
...i found several places where people simply take traditional ABC blocks (you can find them at any craft store) and glue a magnet on the back, making a quick and easy alphabet magnet set....
...or i could give a nod to my college days by using the greek alphabet :-)
...these are fun...thin chipboard letters (found in the scrapbooking aisle) magnets attached to the back...a very "Crate and Barrel" approach to ABC magnets :-)
...this has nothing to do with magnets, but i am a sucker for anything wooden...with little drawers...and the ABC's?!?!?!? [drooling]
...this last one is from etsy...probably the most directly inspirational pic i have found for my project...these little plastic letters were simply decoupaged...and are now being sold for $20/set! my goal this week is to make time in my life for several projects, including transforming my dollar aisle ABC magnets....check back to see what I come up with!

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  1. the paper used in the etsy decoupage is origami paper sold at Michaels (if you wondering) I buy it frequently...

    love your posts!