Monday, June 21, 2010

grow: meet our new pup!

This weekend, we met Jack (also known as Pavlov), a one-year border collie/spaniel mix discovered living outside the STL Science Center a few months back. He was rescued by Stray Rescue of St. Louis, and you can read his story here. Long story short: Jack eluded rescue attempts by Science Center employees for weeks, preferring instead to run and play in the parking lot, soccer fields, and sprinklers on the grounds....but since being rescued, he has turned out to be an incredibly loving, intelligent, gentle, playful, cuddly little guy!
Stray Rescue, from what I have learned, is an AWESOME organization. If you click through their website or facebook page, you will quickly see the amazing good that they do for stray dogs in the city of STL. And if you have a VERY strong stomach, find the album on their facebook page of "Before and Afters" will just break your heart...and make you want to join their organization!
So thanks to their efforts, and the efforts of the many employees of the STL Science Center, Jack is no longer a stray! He is currently staying with us, on what they call a "Rent-A-Pet" basis...basically, before the adoption is complete, there is a one-week period where he lives with us...we adjust to each other...and make sure that we are a good fit for each other....
i think this is a BRILLIANT idea, as so many shelter dogs are adopted before the new owners have a chance to REALLY get to know them.... my own experience, so many dogs that I would visit in shelters would come across so sedated and depressed....i figured that probably wasnt their typical personality but i had no way of knowing how the dog would be at home, or at a park, or with kids, etc...
Jack has proven to be an amazing fit for our when our one week is up, Jack is ours forever! He is such a beautiful are some pics I took as he explored our home...
Jack and my husband playing in the yard...that dog can jump!
sniffing out the neighborhood....i just love his beautiful coloring...
so i am sure in the coming months, you will hear more on Jack at already have a project up my sleeve to turn an old WWII storage trunk into a super cool dog bed....but more to come on that later!
and i promise, i wont humiliate him by sewing him any ridiculous dog clothes or anything of that nature....i can just hear my husband groaning as i type this :-)


  1. I am so overjoyed to see that Jack has found you and your husband. I was one of the SLSC employees that helped get Jack off the streets. It looks like he couldn't have found a more perfect home. Maybe I'll even see you guys around walking with him, I live in South City as well. Best of luck with Jack, again, I can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him in the pictures smiling instead of looking afraid.

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  3. beautiful dog - I love his coloring too. good goin' you guys and SLSC !