Tuesday, July 27, 2010

create: DIY shutter room dividers

so i thought one, pre-finished photo was better than no photos at all...my blog could really use a posting....

these are the shutter door room dividers that I have been working on...basically, the inspiration for this idea came from the fact that we have moved into a one bedroom with two living spaces, and thus we want to have a way to close off one living space, so as to host guests there without them feeling like they are sleeping in the middle of our lives...you know? and while the divider is not being used, it sits comfortably behind our sofa, offering an easy, no-nails-in-the-walls approach to wall decor....plus, its a great backdrop for my book page wreath!

so i found my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore (if you are not familiar, you MUST google it, find your nearest one, and visit!)...basically, they sell everything you could ever want for home remodeling (its all used and random of course, coming from homes they rehab, as far as i understand it)...so like a thrift store, any given day you will find totally different items....on the day i went, i was lucky enough to find all these shutters, plus the screen door in the middle for $5 or less each....i was even able to pick up the hinges i needed...something like 5 for a dollar...crazy cheap....

this photo is "pre-finished" seeing as i put on the hinges later...i am still waiting on some brilliant idea to come to me on what to cover the screen part of the center door in.....im thinking, burlap...though thats a lot of brown....a antique yellow would be yummy.....hmmm...any ideas?

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