Tuesday, July 13, 2010

create: alphabet magnets

so i thought i would break my blogging fast with an easy project to post...my alphabet magnets!

after experimenting with decoupage, acrylics, and the like, i decided just to do what i am good at: spray paint and distressing :-)...perhaps these are predictable (if you have been looking at my blog for any sizable amount of time, you know that i use WAY too much spray paint and I enjoy distressing EVERYTHING I SEE...)

so with that disclaimer, here are my magnets...
i simply painted them with two coats of my favorite krylon color....once dry, i peeled away some of the paint on each letter....then i finished them with a coat of clear sealer (to reduce excessive peeling)....

i couldnt get a very good photo....a white refrigerator isnt the best backdrop....but here is a message i spelled out for my hubby...
one problem i encountered was that in my haste, i sprayed the clear sealer on before some of the spray paint was completely dry....as you can see on the letter below, this caused some of the paint to bubble up...making it look a little more moldy than distressed :-)

but regardless of the bubbling, my boring white fridge is now decorated with some lovely distressed alphabet magnets...spelling out messages....some lovely, some silly....for all to see :-)

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