Tuesday, July 20, 2010

grow: where i've been

so my google reader is alerting me that my readership has plummeted...i suppose i should be alarmed, but i think i deserve it....my silly dog (see below) and i have been traveling a lot, leaving my blog neglected and full of old entries....if i were you i would stop checking back every day too!
but as you can see from the photo below, my blog is not the only thing neglected....my poor plants...brittle and dying...begging for water....is it too late?
when i am not traveling, i am slaving over this: my mosaic table top project...the top of the patio table is currently covering our dining table (yay for eating every meal in the living room!)...i have got to finish it...these little ceramic pieces are taking over my life...slicing up my fingers....and keeping us from dining like normal grown ups....i will post more once i finally grout and finish it...this week? perhaps.


  1. for plant first aid... it may not be too late if the roots are still somewht moist... so, cut back all dead stuff on top, keep moist soil, and see if new will grow back. I would think that it would be more convenient to have little clay saucers or old teacup saucers to catch the water when watering....?

  2. What are you using to adhere your tiles to the wood table top? Curious.