Wednesday, July 28, 2010

love: new book and grocery fun!

so i picked this book up the other day...100 Best Health Foods...and i fell in love with it...its a quick read, an easy reference, and best of all, the 100 foods in this book are all normal, everyday foods that one could pick up at their local grocery...we have already tried some of the easy recipes, and they are all packed full of flavor!
one thing i gleaned from reading it was a better understanding of the health benefits of cooking with many herbs and spices....who knew that a sprinkle of this or that could give you so many vitamins and minerals??? i tend to gravitate toward the same garlic, onion, and pepper routine, but this book has made me want to be a little more adventurous with my seasonings!
so i got on a kick to revamp my spice collection, and someone had told me to try Jay International Foods on Grand (near Tower Grove Park if you are familiar with STL) last night, my husband and I stopped by....i spent a VERY long time browsing aisles that look something like this...
so many crazy many was all so exciting! after about 45 minutes, we left with a huge basket of freshly packed spices (1 pound containers for around $1.50/piece! I should never run out!)...garlic, rice noodles, south american coffee, and other goodies....
on our way out we grabbed some sesame seed honey addictive! and did you know that sesame seeds are a major source of calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc? and if you have any struggles with arthritis, the copper content should ease your pain (or so my book says!)

so if you live in/near STL, make sure you try out Jay International Foods...and if you are interested in knowing what/why you are eating the foods you are, try out this book...not a life changer, but good for the regular types like me that simply wanting make informed cooking/eating decisions without having to shop at high priced specialty food, they have some really great recipes (try the artichoke salad...great with steak!)


  1. Lovin' your blog, your craftiness, and your new presence in my life!

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