Thursday, March 18, 2010

love: picnics

The weather was so nice tonight, we were able to grill and eat outside!

I think I would picnic every night of my life, if possible.

Priority #1 when looking for an apartment in STL: A yard for picnics. yippee!

Two aesthetics to highlight:

my (partial) collection of vintage votive holders. they make me so happy! (my current favorite is the taller yellow one on the far end...Fairbury antique store find!)

also, this lovely yellow green chair. its one of four matching body styles that I found at my Salvation Army for just a couple bucks, colors ranging from ochre to lime to teal. yummy. This one i did a wash with my favorite Ivy Leaf Krylon spray paint....spray a little on, rub it into the wood with a gives you a worn, stain type finish.

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