Monday, March 15, 2010

create: obsessed with vintage silverware

i was recently digging through piles of old silverware at my local salvation army (15 cents a piece!) and I found several beautiful pieces that I couldn't live without, yet had no use for.
Browsing on the web inspired me to create these beauties:

#1 Silverware Hooks
This is my first silverware project, a fun use for beautiful silverware. I see myself using them in the kitchen to hang dish towels, tea cups, etc. Inspired by design*sponge, which you can veiw here.

#2 Serving Tray

My next silverware project was made from an old frame found at the Goodwill, a little acrylic paint, decoupage, and a lovely Anthrolopologie doily that we recieved as a wedding gift (thanks Bethany!)

#3 Lots of Little Hooks

Sorry for the blurry photo! I found this fun alphabet stenciled wall hanging at the Goodwill for a buck. I bent silverware handles and used Gorilla glue to secure them to under the letters. Super cute to hang tea cups, cooking utensils, pot holders, etc from.

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