Tuesday, March 16, 2010

love: composition notebooks

There were about three things that got me through my awkward middle school years:

1) my VHS copy of Harriet the Spy

2) my best friend leigh

3) my composition notebooks
I drooled over the sewn-in binding, the black and white color scheme, the drama of it all.
Between middle school and high school, i went through probably 20-30 of those bad boys. That collection of composition notebooks narrated my early adolescent story...fears, dreams, crushes, questions...
So when I stumbled upon these beauties the other day, I HAD to get them for my little sisters (ages 8 and 12):
I cant recreate my childhood for them, nor can I find them best friends like the one I had. Heck, I probably cant even find them a copy of Harriet the Spy on VHS (garage sale, anyone?).

But what I can do is pass along my love for the composition notebook. And thus inspire the composition of their own awkward middle school narratives.

1 comment:

  1. ahh, weren't those the days?

    sadie and zoe can have my VHS copy if they want..it's taped from a TV special so there's no "bathtub scene." ha!

    i still have all my comp books lined up in order in a box at home. i love that you are passing on this little legacy.
    ♥ leigh