Saturday, May 1, 2010

love: garage sale saturdays

this morning i hosted my very first garage sale!!! With our big move coming up in just a few weeks, we had a lot to get rid of! I invited my family up for the day, and my little sisters held a bake sale to raise money to go to basketball camp...adorable!
we had a lot of fun, and sold a lot of stuff! Unfortunately, no one loved our little its still sitting in our garage :-(
i even put out this wedding has been sitting in my closet ever since our engagement....i changed my mind and went with something a lot less formal.....any buyers? :-)
since i invited my family up, they brought TONS of kids clothes....a big crowd bringer! so we sold a lot of stuff, soaked up some sun, and i learned the ins-and-outs of haggling from my sales-savvy mother....
while my mom, my sisters, and I sold furniture and puppy chow, my little brother spent the day doing traditionally boyish things....playing video games, finding large sticks to swing around, bothering his sisters...but i was able to capture this adorable pic with my new camera in a moment when he dropped his wooden weapons long enough to pluck a dandelion and blow its petals into the breeze...he's such a boyish little six-year-old cutie :-)
life IS good on a garage sale Saturday :-)

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  1. I love garage sale :) But in Poland it's not so popular :(