Thursday, May 6, 2010

create: mothers day gift...angel revamp

so heres a lesson in value being more than a price tag:

i was browsing through Michael's looking for mother's day gift inspiration, and I came across this adorable cherub for $7.99. It was just plain white, but i knew that i could spruce it up a bit! so i go to the check out, and it rings up for ONE CENT! no joke....i asked the cashier twice if she was sure that was correct....and her reply: "Dont ask questions...Just find me a penny somewhere in that giant purse of yours." Thankfully I was able to scrounge one up (I never carry cash!)....heres my receipt to prove it!
so i took home the BEST BARGAIN CHERUB EVER....and i started painting....when i began, i was a little undecided on how the outcome would be...i started with a coat of teal....then some crackle paint....then some beige....then i got a little sandpaper to bring the white base through.... then finished up with a thick coat of clear gloss.....and i have to say, I LOVE the way it turned out....
And here is a close up of the favorite part!
i think this little project is just a reminder that its not the price tag, but the love and care that is put into a gift that makes it meaningful!

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