Sunday, May 16, 2010

grow: my life in boxes

my weekend has been slightly depressing....nothing creative to blog started with a failed attempt at making cute picture frame refrigerator magnets....too many colors...they just look like slop....when i am feeling a little more inspired, perhaps I will resurrect them and post them again....
so the failed frames were on friday night....then saturday was spent packing up every last bit of my belongings....or at least it felt that my life, or at least 3/4 of it, is now sitting in the garage ready to be U-Hauled down to STL....
and while i strive to not be defined by that which i own, it is a little depressing to see all your DIY projects and crafty creations boxed and stacked....even if its just for a short time....i would much rather enjoy them on my walls :-)
then sunday was spent saying goodbye to the church that we have called home for the past 3.5 years.....not a fun or easy thing to do....and while we are SO EXCITED about the opportunities for us in STL, part of us still wishes things could have worked out so we could stay in Chicago....
so after our many goodbyes, my hubby napped in our big comfy chair....which is one of the last remaining pieces of furniture in our house....and i turned to my blog for comfort :-)
so this was my weekend....boxes and goodbyes.....and hope for the journey ahead :-)

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  1. Zoe loves the frames, she wants them for a birthday present.