Thursday, May 6, 2010

create: mothers day handprint plaque

so this is the first of a few mothers day posts you will i have some wonderful mother-figures in my life! And I am sure that by posting their gifts, it may ruin the gifting surprise, but thats ok! i hope they love their gifts, none the less!

this first gift is a family handprint plaque for my mom...since i was able to have my entire family up last weekend (see my garage sale post) i took advantage of that time together to grab each of my siblings and get them to "make their mark"on this family plaque i put together for my mom!
i took a clearance plaque from Hobby Lobby (originally with some corny saying, as expected from HL), painted it a creamy beige color, stamping a pretty damask design with a coordinating green....stained the edges black with a little paint.....then glossed over the top....

this seemed like a great way to capture our family right now.... all five"kids": two of us grown and post-grad....navigating things like taxes, marriage, and career....three still at in grade school...learning to read, shoot lay-ups, and roller blade without wiping out :)

i think it will be fun for my little sibs to look back a few years from now, measuring their hands against this print from 2010....and a nostalgic snapshot for my parents of this stage in our lives together....


  1. you do realize that mom reads your blog, right? guess this won't quite be a surprise :)

  2. Loved the gift and I didn't see on the blog until after I received it!!!