Tuesday, September 21, 2010

love: the DIY tshirt necklace

my current dirt-cheap obsession: DIY tshirt necklaces...google it for a tutorial...there are a million out there...here are some of my favorites from Google Image....

the braided tshirt necklace:
elaborately draped with fabric beads:
classic, in charcoal gray:
beaded, studded, and layered with other colors:
classic style, yummy green color:
whimsical, with charms, keys, pearls added:
i LOVE this teal color:
two of my favorite fall colors:
i tried my first DIY tshirt necklace last night...nothing to blog about...but i did learn a few things that i will share with you if you are considering cutting up an old tshirt of your own and trying this out:
Basic Tutorial: take tshirt. cut straight line across it under neck and arm holes, so that the top is taken off and you are left with a rectangle. then cut rectangular piece into strips...stretch strips out so they roll up into themselves...fashion into a necklace. thats it!
1)if your tshirt is the same color inside and out, then you can cut your strips any way you like: up-and-down or across.
2) if its not the same color inside, then you need to cut WITH the grain (usually up-and-down)...
3) its best to choose a shirt without side seams...these dont roll so well...
4) it might be a good idea to stop at goodwill and grab a shirt that is XL or larger...i used a Large, and the necklace is of average length...if you want to layer it several times, a larger shirt will work better.
hope this helps! let me know if you make one! happy tuesday!


  1. Lovely!
    I love ur blog whitney!

    And i love the way you love life

  2. This is awesome! Happened upon your blog by random and LOVE it!