Monday, September 13, 2010

create: chicken wire memory frame

here is a super fun and easy project that i got from HERE to see her original design....heres mine:

basically, take an old frame (i found mine in a dumpster)....paint it up with your favorite color (i used the same yellow that was used for my shutter headboard)....while you have your paint out, go ahead and paint up some clothes pins in complimenting colors (mine are barn red, avocado green, and yellow).....staple some chicken wire (thanks Ace Hardware!) to the back, along with something to hang it with (i chose knotted twine)....mount on the wall, clip up your photos, and you are done!
and heres the best part about this step-sister-in-law (long title!) gave me these BEAUTIFUL frames this past weekend...which will be perfect for trying out variations of this thinking...smaller chicken wire could turn this into an earring/jewelry holder? does anyone have any brilliant ideas of how else to use these lovely frames?

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  1. with the filagree relief I could see some of your patina layering... like maybe brush on a deep chocolate color on that large gold frame, and when dry, lightly sand the raised surface and the gold would show thru.

    or just hand paint some of the pattern and do the same leaving even more of the fold showing... Of course, you've seen the empty frames on the wall. Leigh just hung her chalk boards! love them! I measure my frames and attempt to do a painting or drawing for them. :) one more thought, i was wanting to do a fall wreath for outside but I am so over the grapevine thing, even if I made it square. Could you create some type of 'wreath' that would be pretty for a door or wallA?

    have fun. nice to see a new post.