Tuesday, August 24, 2010

create: upcycled shutter headboard

i found this photo a while ago...fell in love...and vowed to recreate it in my own home...eventually :-)
so when i noticed some old broken shutters leaned up against a dumpster near our house, i IMMEDIATELY enlisted my husband to carry them home!
they were a dirty white color, so i brought them to life with this fun antique yellow...a color inspired by our new bed linens (thank you Better Homes and Gardens!)
so i brushed a quick, imperfect coat of paint over the shutters, let them dry, then brought them in and stood them up behind our antique sleigh bed (thanks craigslist!)...they seemed a bit plain, so i grabbed a stack of old frames, and a family name plaque i had painted up a while ago...everything is attached with twine (my favorite of craft supplies)....
the family name plaque is hung with a long, oddly knotted piece of twine...i honestly couldnt explain to you how it worked out...but for the rest, i used my staple gun to attach a short piece of twine to the back of each frame, then strung it through the shutter slats and tied it in the back...super easy, minimal tools needed....

you will notice that some frames are empty, while others have doilies inside...i simply grabbed some scrap fabric, doilies, and placed them behind the glass (well, plexiglass type stuff actually...i feel safer having that suspended above my head!)...

and there you have it...old shutters reborn! i love the color that they bring to our room (since we decided not to change the boring white walls)...and the backdrop they provide for all my mismatched picture frames...

happy tuesday!


  1. WOW!!! I love what you've done with the shutters!!! I cannot believe that its not professional!

  2. I almost bought those BH&G sheets, but I just couldn't get over the scratchiness. SO cute, though. Love the shutters! What a lucky find!