Saturday, August 21, 2010

create: alphabet graffiti table revamp

today was a productive addition to doing a lot of apartment cleaning, i was able to sneak in a few projects :-) during an early morning run to my local Dollar Tree, I was delighted to snag this super-fun alphabet stencil....which i promptly used to give new life to a tired, old sewing table my hubby had found on the side of the road....

basically, i attacked this project with no preparation...just me, the table, stencil, can of spray paint, and a drop cloth....i half-hazardly held the stencil up against the table, spraying a quick coat of white spray paint as I you can see, the paint job is FAR from perfect, but that was exactly the look i was going for....something a little crazy, a little fun.
once dry, i brought the table back inside and fitted it with a wooden knob that compliments the other navy blue furniture in the room....
heres a close-up of the legs: basically, i just held the stencil up, sprayed randomly, and hoped that i didnt miss any spots :-)
so, im kind of in love with this little table...if you reference the first photo at the top, you will see that it compliments the mismatched chairs in our little sitting area very spray-painted the same shade of white, and the other whose seat is covered with a burlap "leap frog" bag left over from the potato-sack races at our wedding reception picnic (if you were there, you may share my fond memories!)
happy saturday!

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