Tuesday, April 6, 2010

love: BIG wall art

So the prospect of moving into a new place with ENORMOUSLY high ceilings prompts me to search out DIY ideas for BIG wall art...here is what i found....
i think these license plates offer an affordable and fun way to fill that barren space above a sofa...they are simply attached to a piece of plywood which is then suspended on the wall...i might be keeping an eye out for license plates at flea markets and antique shops.....
this next idea, i have LOVED since I laid eyes on it! I think it would be SO fun to make your own larger-that-life-Alice-in-Wonderland-style clock....my only ? is... where would I find a wood backdrop? My cutting skills aren't honed enough to make those pretty scallops on my own!

this vintage domino wall decor stands out to me for its simplicity and monochromatic color palette. I tend to go OVER-THE-TOP with color, so I am intrigued by something so simple, yet lovely :-)
this frames-turned-clock art looks just delicious to me! I have random vintage frames laying all over my house, and this would be the perfect use for them! I have never worked with a clock-making kit....but the idea interests me...and the bigger the better!

this last one, a twig-framed mirror, would be an easy way to spruce up a thrift store mirror... i find so many giant mirrors without frames, or the frames they have are damaged/ugly.....a little hot/gorilla glue, and voila, BIG handmade wall art!
........you will have to check back in coming months to see which idea(s) I choose to fill the empty walls in our new space in STL!


  1. Hi WHitney -since Brian and I have done large paintings for the walls, i can offer this advice from experience... to attach the license plates on plywood will make it very heavy and to then hang makes for stress fro the walls... could yo attach the l. plates to a refrigerator size cardboard pc.? that should do it and be much easier to hang... the metal will make it heavy enough.

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