Sunday, April 4, 2010

create: vintage suitcase table

Here is my inspiration, entitled DIY Table from Luggage:
This project was inspired by two sources: a conversation with laura about vintage suitcases and an article in Good Housekeeping magazine....

i came across a lovely vintage suitcase at an antique shop in Chenoa, snagged it for $5, and then repurposed this bench, below, into something more useful. The bench was a project from a few years ago... i have been a little bored with i decided to make it into something new! i unscrewed the legs, painted them a lovely shade of sunny yellow (a Martha Stewart sample in "cornbread" to be exact), and set the cushion part aside....(I will most likely use the board, stuffing, and fabric for other projects to come....)

Then I attached my vintage suitcase using some trusty Gorilla glue.... I could have screwed it in place (cutting a piece of particle board to fit inside the suitcase, offering support)...but I was feeling lazy....sorry dad! (he advised me to go the particle board route)

As you can see, the little vintage suitcase table now sits at the end of our bed, holding extra sheet sets, and yes, that is my baby blanket on top :-) (thanks Uncle Don!)

I liked the GH tables in pairs, but I didnt count myself lucky enough to find another vintage suitcase at such a good price... so i decided to use this small wooden trunk to make a matching table...
i had purchased the trunk to hold memories from our wedding dress, photo albums, notes of affirmation from loved ones....
i am still in search of something to steal the legs off of (GH's idea about table legs from Home Depot is out of my price range), but when I do, i will post a photo...Until then, my wooden trunk will rest on top of my nifty new vintage suitcase table!


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