Friday, October 22, 2010

create: thanksgiving table decor

so i know i am a little early...but i am in charge of table decor for our family thanksgiving meal this year, and i felt inspired this morning...i poked around the house for things to use, and here is what i came up with...and since i used things from around my home, it cost me $0!
i had these doilies from the Dollar Store that I had picked up a few weeks ago...i found the yellow color kind of obnoxious, so I used the back...the photo doesnt show it, but the yellow still shines through :-)
using a sharpie, i simply wrote out the word "thanks"....then using clothes pins that I had painted previously (click back to my chicken wire memory frame)...i clipped each doily onto a twig (that I pulled from a floral arrangement in our living room)...
the twigs are secured in mason jars (found in various places around our home)....i raided my kitchen cabinets for autumn-friendly filler....i came up with popping corn, beans, and lentils.....the jars are then each decorated with a little piece of frayed fabric (leftover from a wreath i made a few weeks back)
i think they turned out pretty cute! and the best part is, I can spell out "thanks" or "giving" or any other 6-letter word on the reverse side (clipping another doily onto the back) so that family on both sides of the table can enjoy the decor!
im sure as thanksgiving gets closer, i will be posting more ideas....i have about 5 tables to decorate....
happy friday!


  1. Hi Whitney,
    I just stumble onto your blog. I am in love with all of your ideas. Keep the ideas coming!
    Have a great day!

  2. I browsed upon your blog. And though we don't have thanks giving in Malaysia, I love your idea

  3. Gorgeous idea. I heart it. I just found your blog and I love it already.

  4. me encanta la idea de los tarros!! gracias ;)

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  6. You have great things for the holiday :)
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  7. This is so delightful! Simple and cozy - I love it! I'm sharing this on my crafty facebook page : ) Feel free to stop by my blog and grab an "I've Been Facebooked!" button.
    Jaimee @

  8. I just wanted to say what a beautiful blog, and what lovely designs too!

    Keep on doing what you do!

    Much love,